Jenday Conure


Bird age: 9months

Bird DNA Sex: Female

Bid Weight: 0.5lbs



The Jenday conure is one of the most common medium-sized conures, just below the sun conure in popularity, but not in personality or charm. The Jenday is a member of the Aratinga genus, which includes the sun, gold-capped, and half-moon (orange-fronted), blue-crowned and mitred conures, all charismatic, amiable and attractive birds. The Aratinga conures make great companions for someone wanting a large bird, but without the space to actually keep one. What these conures lack in bulk, they make up for in personality, intelligence, and affection.

The Jenday is the same shape and size as the sun conure, but its body is primarily green, with a bright orange and yellow head. The colorful head appears only in the mature bird, so you should cut a photo of an adult Jenday out of a book or magazine and display it next to your juvenile Jendays, which will be primarily green with mottled yellow heads until they are about 2 years old.

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